How do you help your child discover their hidden talents?

How do you help your child discover their hidden talents?

Currently, children can participate in a variety of extracurricular activities, opportunities that we parents have not had in childhood. However, a wide range of options also comes with a dilemma, we do not know if our little one has the talent to participate in some of them, especially if it is artistic.

Mozart's parents certainly did not face such a problem, but if we think about the vast majority of people we will notice that they identified their call only later in life. Recognizing talent in some areas is extremely difficult, and most of us realize certain skills only at the age of maturity, thus losing the opportunity to cultivate them as young as possible.

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Sometimes the talent for certain areas is obvious, it is easy to see if your little one has talent for example, but how do we know if he would be a good pianist or a graceful ballerina?

Talent, a notion that is hard to penetrate

We hear the word everywhere, but ultimately, what is talent? A general explanation is that it is an innate aptitude for a particular field, a grace or a special ability in a branch of activity. If we look at it from the point of view of the artists, it is relatively simple - a man talented in music has a musical voice and ear, and a person talented in drawing will turn the brush with skill on the canvas, but the notion gives us a headache if we are thinking of the exact sciences - how can someone be talented in mathematics or physics?

Therefore, talent should be viewed more as a passion for a field and a determination to become better and better in that field. We all know that word spoken over a hundred years after the famous one Thomas Edison - "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". Was Edison talented at birth in inventing things? We could say yes, but he also tells us that this talent is the smallest part of the end result.

With the input of Edison and other specialists we can make a clearer verdict on this concept, talent is in fact a glitter of personality that only doubled by much work can lead to success.

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From a different perspective, let's imagine our talent only as it ensures the need to achieve success in the field. Can a man only with the grace of nature pass a person who has documented and worked in the field? The obvious answer is no. Drawing a line, we come to the conclusion that, although extremely important, it is not the only factor to consider.

How can you help your child discover his talent

This glitter that I mentioned above is difficult to identify, but not impossible. An easy way is to encourage our little one to participate in artistic activities. If we do not meet them, how can we know if they have talent? It is a game of trials, but at the end of which you will definitely have to win.

A child who is no longer tired of drawing certainly has an appetite for the fine arts. Provide everything you need to show off your plastic skills, because you might have to deal with little Picasso. So is the case with music, if you notice your little boy humming the tunes on the radio or beating his foot, it could be the next Michael Jackson.

It creates an artistic environment in the house, so that it is exposed to several forms of art and if it shows interest in a particular field, it does not obstruct the desire to know more, no matter how bizarre it may seem. Did you hear a Bach cello suite and show an interest in this instrument? It may seem out of the ordinary for you to want to study an instrument twice as large as it does, but it does not show an upset attitude because this might cause you to stop exposing your interests.

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Encourage him and praise him on every occasion. If you hear him singing and not playing the notes perfectly, you should not start by criticizing him, but by praising his approach. This will give him self-confidence, and if he has received positive feedback he will want to become better.

Give it your full attention. When we say this, we do not refer to the attention we give to ensure that no danger is painted but to the attention we give to his personality and the way he develops. When you play with him for example be on the stage of his behavior and learn what he likes to do to be able to cultivate his interests properly. You can even ask him simple - "what do you like to do" - you could discover surprising things you had no idea about.

I identified his talent and it is clear, we have a child with grace. What do we do next?

We have it, what do we do next?

We turn for a moment to Edison's words and identify the word "perspiration", translated by work. Here lies the answer to our question. After observing that we have a talented child, his cultivation work follows, both from the child and from us.

Be interested in the courses in the respective field that the child can attend and be aware of the progress he is making. Discuss with the teacher from the courses and look together to reach new and new goals to make possible the evolution of the child from the beginner to the novice, and maybe, why not, to the professional.

At the same time, you are also studying the field of passion for your little one. Be aware of what is happening in the area to identify a possible stagnation or to see if it has simply reached its limits.

Benjamin Bloom, a renowned psychologist specializing in education, is the one who conducted a comprehensive study designed to provide some answers on developing exceptional children's skills. His analysis was done on people who achieved performance in various fields, artistic or technical sports. The conclusion? The children were not born that way, but they were educated in this spirit. In other words, with the right education any child can reach the peak of success.

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