Week 32 of pregnancy - the to-do list

Week 32 of pregnancy - the to-do list

It gives you a list of things to do during pregnancy, week by week! We help you with a list of essential things to do!

- you reached the 32nd picture from the album that you prepared with emotion from the first moment you found out you were expecting a child; the fetus in your tummy reaches the size of a placenta pumpkin these days and begins to change its position for birth (upside down);

- if you start to snore long enough, have problems with sleep, breathing and feel tired, you may suffer from sleep apnea, a condition that can lead to severe complications, so it is good to go to the doctor and to consult with him regarding safe methods to prevent the symptoms of apnea, but also about ways in which you can rest better at night;

- do not forget to introduce yourself to the doctor, for consultation from 32 weeks; you may have already become tired of so many medical visits and you no longer have the patience to attend them regularly, but remember that they are crucial to the well-being of the child and that they play an important role in the smooth running of things at birth; in addition, think that they are almost finished and that there is very little left until you hold your baby in your arms; also make the appointment for the medical visit from 34 weeks;

- try to relax more - as the birth approaches, your anxiety level increases; in addition, growing belly, back pain and insufficient rest can put pressure on your emotional state - it is time to put in practice breathing techniques learned at Lamaze courses, to use aromatherapy and other handy methods to relax;

- because the labor is at "panda" and can start at any time, it is advisable to inform yourself carefully about all its stages, symptoms, what is happening and how long it may take; the more you know, the more you will feel ready for the moment of birth and you will calm your fears;

- prepare your maternity bag; you may have already started preparing it, but given that the birth can start anytime, it is good to be ready to go to the hospital with everything you need;

- Don't be scared if you feel your heart beating harder this week; it is about the palpitations arising from the increased volume of blood that the heart has to pump during this period; palpitations have the role of helping to balance the heart rate and are not considered dangerous unless they are accompanied by chest pain and breathing problems, in which cases it is advisable to go to the hospital urgently;

- you may experience Braxton Hicks contractions, especially during sex, when you have orgasms; these should not send you to the doctor unless the contractions do not stop shortly after the orgasm, intensify and are more and more frequent;

- keep eating healthy, increase your fluid intake (even if you urinate more often) and do Kegel exercises (contractions of the vaginal muscles), which can help you prepare your pelvic floor for natural birth.