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The influence of millennial mothers in the digital world

The influence of millennial mothers in the digital world

We live in a world where social networks have become very important, influencing our lives more and more. As life became more and more hectic and time seems to be less and less, outings in town with friends or family were replaced by posts and messages on social networks.

Because we have to adapt very quickly to the changes that are happening around us, a new generation of mothers has appeared, namely millennial mothers, who know the virtual space very well, are up to date with the latest news on baby growth. and raises his eyebrows at his grandparents' outdated advice.

Who are the millennial mothers?

They are the ones that give birth and raise the new generations of children, who will turn into responsible, open adults, with strong personalities and a new vision for the future. Millennial mothers are women who were born between the years 1978 and 1994. According to statistics, at present about one in five mothers is a millennial mother.

Such a mother is very well equipped with all the news that appear on the Internet, she is always greedy for information. Usually, they have more socializing accounts and spend more time than the other mothers informing themselves on the Internet. There are women with higher education, there are women who also see their career, but who take care to grow their offspring at the present time, according to the newly emerged rules, mothers who "catch everything on the fly".

There are mothers who like to keep in touch with other mothers on different forums and ask many questions, so they can be sure that they will have the best solution when a problem arises with their child.

These mothers spend, on average, 17.4 hours per week on social networks, with two hours more than they would be in front of the TVs and four hours more on the social networks than the other mothers say statistics. I am always open to new and ready to accumulate, but also to spread information.

There are those mothers who are not reluctant to post pictures with children on Facebook or Instagram, who humorously tell what the Nazis have done to their babies. They pride themselves on their children, whom I know to value all the time. Nor are they afraid to share in the hardships and responsibilities of the mother's life, even of the mother alone. He considers that their example can be followed by the other mothers, which is why they also tell their experiences related to the little ones.

They have a different perspective on motherhood

Millennial mothers see motherhood differently than old-fashioned mothers. They are not afraid of being single mothers, especially as many of them are women with important careers who do not have financial problems. 32% of millennial mothers are single, have never been married and do not live with a partner. 33% of married people earn more than their partner.

They are willing to pay over 600 lei a month for a person to help them with household chores, so they have more time for them. Despite the life deeply influenced by the virtual environments, in the family breast they value the traditional values ​​and will always have one of the most beautiful Christmas tables.

They want everything that is best for their child

Such a representative of the Internet age puts the child first, he wants everything that is best for him.

There are mothers who do not dare to give advice in their group of friends. A millennial mother is very knowledgeable about the new products that appear on the market in relation to the growth of the child, from the usual diapers and toys, to devices and all kinds of applications for smartphones. Because most have a smartphone and are dependent on it.

With the help of social networks, they share opinions about shopping (such as where you can buy cheap, beautiful and good quality clothes for both them and the baby), about food, devices, tips about vacations and travel. . Statistics say that nine out of ten such mothers are spreading such useful information. Despite the fact that many of the millennial mothers are young and may have a tendency to spend a lot, they are poor and they make savings, being bought in terms of shopping.

Although they live longer in the virtual world, they are very well anchored in reality and are up to date with the latest news, in very varied fields, from classical and traditional medicine, to the latest innovations in the technological field.

The millennial mother is the kind of mom who pays bills online, doesn't waste time at counter shops, who prefers to cook healthy for the baby and for the family, searching every day for a new recipe on the internet or on the e-book, because she's a mother who leaves classic books for electronic ones.

A millennial mother announces on social networks important events in her life, both joys and sorrows. The blog is also a label for many of the millennial moms, preferring to share on the personal blog tips on raising a child, but also life stories with an educational role. Among the posts and responses to comments, they make time to go to the hairdresser, to cook, but also to be efficient at work.

It does not consider that their offspring are not allowed to have access to the technology, but it encourages the children to use a smatphone or a laptop. I think that the little ones have to keep up with what is happening, to become adults with a brilliant intelligence.

As the child grows older, the millennial mother is the kind of friend mother who encourages and supports her child.

A mother of this generation is a mother who is not afraid to post a picture on Facebook with her child, wearing a similar outfit, along with a funny comment. She is a modern woman, who is confident of her child.

When the child is wrong, he prefers to explain it in a good word, in no case he is adept at punishment and does not raise the tone. He lives on the principle that sweet talk brings a lot and that by mistake one learns.

What do you think, do you consider yourself a millennial mother? Write us in the comment section below.

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