Natural remedies against constipation in children

Natural remedies against constipation in children

The natural remedies that fight constipation in children should be carefully selected and used with caution, depending on the age and health of the little ones. Not all natural treatments for constipation, made in the home, are safe for the health of children, with the risk of seriously affecting digestion and intestinal transit. Here are some quick and safe natural remedies for constipation, one of the most common medical problems encountered in childhood!

Constipation is a common medical condition at very young ages, characterized by rare and very strong stools. We say that a child is constipated when he has less than 3 chairs per week, they are strong, and the evacuation of faeces is painful and difficult.

Constipation has several causes, the most frequent being incorrect and poor fiber diet, sedentary lifestyle, stress, low daily fluid intake, etc. Because it is very rarely associated with serious medical conditions in children, doctors rarely recommend medication for its treatment. They encourage parents to improve their child's lifestyle and to use effective natural methods to combat slow bowel transit.

Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the safest and most used natural laxative methods in children. It is not recommended for oral administration in infants. Only at the age of two, you can give your child a teaspoon of oil from this plant. Mix it with tea or milk, because it is quite rude, and the little one will refuse to swallow it simply.

Mix milk with honey

Another popular method of rapidly treating constipation in children is the consumption of a glass of milk mixed with 3-4 tablespoons of honey, each morning, before breakfast.

Apple or plum juice

Fruit juice is the most handy and simple naturalistic method of combating constipation in young children. Even if any kind of fruit juice (made fresh) is good, plums or apples have higher diuretic properties.

Increased water consumption

Increasing water consumption is not a natural remedy by definition, but doctors believe that water is a highly effective natural treatment against constipation. Increased fluid intake contributes to accelerated slow bowel transit and to fight constipation.

It is recommended to increase the intake of liquids such as water, homemade lemonade, teas or fruit juices. Milk does not fall into the category of "laxative" drinks. According to the specialists, the milk would have the opposite effect and would favor constipation.

Relaxation techniques

Stress is a strong enemy of digestive health and optimal functioning of the intestinal transit. If your child is stressed or anxious, it is advisable to help him find effective relaxation techniques to improve his digestive health.

Massage is one of the most effective forms of relaxation. If performed on the tummy, the therapeutic effect against constipation is even greater. It relaxes the abdominal muscles and stimulates bowel movements for easier elimination of fecal matter.

Physical activity

It stimulates the child to be active all the time and to practice as much sports as possible. Physical exercises are natural methods of stimulating bowel movements and improving digestion. The constant physical movement makes its full contribution in stimulating the chairs in children and in combating constipation.

Increased fiber intake

Fiber is the ally of healthy digestion. Integrates in the diet of the child as many foods with high fiber content - green vegetables, fruits, oilseeds, yogurts, whole grains, etc.

Recommended foods

Foods rich in cellulose, green beans, pumpkin, carrots, celery, beets, potatoes, green salad, onion, cucumbers, leeks, spinach, tomatoes, apples, pears, grapes, oranges, Graham bread, 500 g fruits and 500 g vegetables / day.

Foods to Avoid

Chocolate, cocoa, white bread, pasta, meat, salted cheese.

Has your child ever had problems with constipation? What natural remedies did you use and did they work? Tell us your tips against constipation in children, in the comments section below!

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