Weekend 19-20 with Zurli

Weekend 19-20 with Zurli

Maseluta fairy in Mogosoaia Park

In a story atmosphere, in the beautiful park of Mogosoaia, Zurli awaits you with the play Zana Maseluta!
When? Sunday, May 20, 2012, from 5 pm!

A story where the problem of tooth brushing is slightly different. The approach is the opposite - if you don't brush your teeth Caria will feed on the leftovers you leave there and will grow big, big in your teeth and cheeks. And what child wants to be friends with Caria?

Zina Maseluta comes to earth in search of Bunuta Danuta, the dentist, who must save the Kingdom of Beautiful Teeth. Together with the children, the two make a plan to eliminate Caria. Caria feeds with the leftovers that children leave between their teeth after eating. And she, Caria, hungry, looks for children who do not brush their teeth and who wants to make friends.
Duration of the show: 40 min.
Zana Maseluta - Andra Mirescu / Anca pitaru
Bunuta Danuta - Andreea Gaica / Brandusa Draghici
Caria - Cornel Mihalache / Dan Clucinski
Original text - author - Mirela Retegan
Artistic coordination - Gabi Gheorghe
Project Manager - Cornel Mihalache

Events from the world of stories

When and where? Representations from 10.30 and from 12.00 at the Peasant Club
An entertaining and educational story about the attempts of a little girl who does not want to make order in her room and calls on story characters who do not give her the best advice.
A show designed by Mirela Retegan, produced by the Zurli Event Company.
The price of a ticket 10.5 ron / person.
At the Zurli shows children are the ones who bring their parents to the theater, the little ones dance before the performance and the big ones applaud them - from the whole soul !!! At the end everyone gets candy !!!

Zurli the Terra Park

This weekend we expect you to have fun with the Zurli entertainers in Terra Park! Contests, fun, children's theater, mini-disco, all these will delight children on Saturday and Sunday, between 11.00 and 16.30.

Have a good time !!!!