Summer makeup tips

Summer makeup tips

The summer season gives all the classic makeup rules over the head. Excessive heat and abundant perspiration from this season forces the introduction of new rules and the addition of some simple and effective makeup tricks.

In addition, shades of lipsticks or lipsticks must also comply with the trends of the hot season, so that you will be a seductive and bright appearance, even at over 40 degrees Celsius!

Choose a face moisturizer!

Give up on the oily creams that you apply on the skin in the cold season, to protect your skin from very low temperatures. It is time to switch to a moisturizing face cream, as the skin is prone to drying due to excessive heat.

Do not forget about the sun protection factor, which is essential for protecting the skin against harmful sun radiation.

Choose a fluid and transfer resistant foundation!

The more fluid the foundation, the easier it can stretch on the surface of the skin and hydrates it intensely, preventing drying. It is important that the foundation contains a factor of protection against solar radiation, because the face is the most exposed part of the body to the sun.

Apply translucent powder!

In the hot season, sweating is, in most cases, inevitable. The moment you sweat, your complexion gets an aesthetic glow, especially in the T area (forehead, nose and chin). To soften this effect, you can apply a translucent powder, which does not tint the skin, but only mattifies it, keeping it fresh and soft.

Be beautiful and bright with shades in bright colors!

Give up the dark and "harsh" winter tones - black, gray, brown - in favor of warm colors of beige, cream, peach, but also neon - yellow, turquoise, coral, green etc.

These shades brighten your face and restore the appearance of freshness and naturalness that you follow every time.

Don't give up moisturizing lip balm!

Moisturizing and nourishing lip balm is a cosmetic product that you should not miss in your bag in any season. It is the one that best protects your lips against the extreme weather conditions, but also the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

Use waterproof mascara!

You don't want that when your world is dearer to start running your mask, from heat and sweat, don't you? To avoid such an effect, it is important to opt for a water-resistant mask.

Opt for a bronzing blush!

If until now you prefer a red or brown cheek blush, in the summer season you can accentuate the cheeks with a blush with a bronzing effect, so as to emphasize even more the natural tan of the skin and give it the shine it needs.

If you are not adept at tanning, then you can opt for a peach or pink blush, depending on the shade of your skin.

What other makeup tips for summer do you know? Share your secrets in the comment section below!

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