Talk about sex with your daughter

Talk about sex with your daughter

Discussions about sex with your daughter should be addressed from early childhood, from the moment they begin to establish their sexual identity. But only when you go through puberty-specific body changes and become a teenager, at age 11, you can have a serious discussion with your daughter about sex, sexually transmitted diseases, risk of unwanted pregnancy and contraceptive methods.

The right age to discuss sex with your daughter

There is no age appropriate to address the topic of sex in conversations with your little girl. Small discussions about this topic can still occur around the age of 2-3 years, when you begin to identify your genital parts and need your explanations to understand the difference between a boy and a boy.

Around the age of 5-6 anisors, you can always wake up as your daughter asks questions about how children are made, as it is an opportune time to address the topic of sex again.

At 7-8 years, the child has the ability to understand what sex means, but only at puberty, around 11 anisors, you can initiate a wide discussion with your daughter about sex, virginity, contraception and sexually transmitted diseases.

It is important to approach the subject of sex in a favorable context. And the age of puberty and the bodily changes through which the girl goes through adolescence is a good time to carry on such a dialogue. It is quite possible that the little girl herself will pave the way for such a conversation, by asking questions about pubic hair, breast augmentation and menstruation.

The night before the famous "meeting" with your daughter think a little about the memories of your adolescence. If you still have old journals or pictures, use them to better get into the atmosphere of your adolescent past.

You don't have to go into too much detail about your youth, just remember that you were once your age, the feelings and fantasies that she no doubt has now. It is normal to want to experiment, but it is vital to know how to make the choice, and when a boy he loves wants to go "a little further" to think if he wants the same thing, keeping in mind a single question "How will I have to feel tomorrow? "He has to think about how he will feel the next day at school when he looks at him and his friends: will he feel full of confidence or deeply embarrassed?

A girl should not give in to pressure or do something she is not prepared to do. The first contact with a boy, of any nature whatsoever - kissing, touching, or even sexual intercourse itself - should be so special as to make her always think of him as a price memory.

Tricks to talk to your daughter about sex

I teach her the genitals of girls and boys

Before going on to discuss the actual sex, tell your little girl about the anatomical changes that go through puberty. You can simplify the explanation by suggestive illustrations of the female reproductive tract. Look for sketches on the Internet, print them and give a little anatomy lesson to the little girl, without going into scientific details or too complicated.

Explain to her that from the moment her menstruation comes, she becomes a teenager. At that moment, the body is ready to conceive a child. In the same biological context, you can show and explain, also in a sketch, which are the genital organs of boys. It is a good time to address this topic and it will help you in the discussion with her about sex.

Talk about sex in the context of love and a stable relationship

For fear of not having sex too early, many parents get to talk to girls, and children in general, about sex as a bad, inappropriate, ugly thing, in other words, unhealthy. All they do is create a bad impression about this activity, which, on the contrary, causes pleasure and is very healthy.

It is not advisable to distort the truth just to keep your child away from sexual temptations. Sex is an extremely healthy and normal couple activity, and the child must know this. But it is important to discuss sex and the beginning of sexual life in the context of a stable relationship and love.

Talk to her about sexually transmitted diseases and contraception!

Beyond the beneficial effects and the pleasure of having sex with a loved one, it is very important to talk to her about some more serious topics, related to protection and contraception. Teach your little girl to be responsible when her sex life begins and tell her about the dangers of sex.

Talk to her about the means of protection, both against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Expose her the main dangers she is exposed to when she has unprotected sex and present her condom as the main means of protection.

The condom is the only one that can protect her against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

If you approach the subject of sex in discussions with your daughter, it does not mean that you are encouraging her to take this step. On the contrary, you help her to be ready for that moment, so that she can enjoy it in a healthy and responsible way.

The most important thing you need to point out in your discussion with your daughter is that she can talk openly about anything, whether it's sex or not. Remind her that you love her and you will love her whatever happens.

It's time to start a discussion about oral sex. Teach her that oral sex is a form of sex, whatever a boy would say. Your daughter may be equally vulnerable to oral sex. Moreover, she could contract sexually transmitted diseases, so she should have great confidence in her partner before consenting to the act itself.

Once you have touched on this subject you can also talk about another sensitive topic: masturbation. Tell her that it is perfectly normal to do so and that this does not imply any risk of becoming pregnant or contracting a sexually transmitted disease.

When did you first talk to your daughter about sex? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!

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