The child's relationship with the pet

The child's relationship with the pet

The relationship that the child has with the pet is influenced by many factors: from the age at which you take the first pet, to how you learn to care for him and to love him. In other words, it is your duty to contribute to a good understanding between the child and the pet you have and to make sure that their "friendship" relationship will last until very old!

Buy her pet since she was little!

If the child is born in a house where there is a pet, then the relationship between them is strengthened more easily, if you take care to straighten or educate the pet to get used to the new family member and to love him as well. you.

If you do not have animals and you are thinking of giving one to your child, then the school age, of 6-7 anisors, is the most suitable to make such a gift. The child must receive a pet when it is ready, as a developmental level, to take care of one.

Buy him the animal he wants!

If the baby receives another animal than he wants, he is very likely to reject it and not to love it. It facilitates a happy and beneficial relationship of the child with the pet, buying him the species he wants.

Teach him to take care of him, but respect him!

Like many other parents, you probably took an animal to your child with the thought that doing so would make him more responsible. But beyond washing, brushing, walking or cleaning behind him, the child must be involved in everything that involves his care. Encourage him to raise money to buy the food animal, take it with you to the vet, because there are things that will make him closer to the animal.

First of all, teach him to respect it. Many young children tend to be rude to these lives - they pull their fur, hit them and tease them, without realizing that it irritates them and exposes them to danger. I do not because they are bad, but because I do not know that they have to be friendly and tender with their animal friend.

Teach the child to see the animal as a play partner or as a friend, with whom it must behave beautifully. Explain to him that if he hits, not only that it hurts, but the animal can become aggressive and can hurt him. It can bite, scratch and hurt very seriously. It is important for the little one to understand that if he behaves nice and gentle with him, the pet will treat him the same and be friendly.

Tell him interesting things about the animal!

Find the most spectacular and spectacular information about the animal he cares for. Explain to the child and help him / her understand what a special animal he has. Buy his books, encyclopedias or encourage him to search the internet for more information about animal care, what he can do, how to play with him and what his behavior is.

If you take care to teach the toddler to take care of him and play properly with the pet, you will lay the foundation for a beautiful relationship between the child and his companion.

How do you think a beautiful relationship between the child and the pet should be developed? Tell us your opinions in the comments section below!

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