8 summer activities for children

8 summer activities for children

Summer with its hot days is slowly approaching the end. And even if the night starts to drop faster, August gives you enough time to put on pleasant activities with the little ones. Discover below some fun summer activities for children!

The flower picking

An exit to the green grass can be an excellent opportunity to introduce the little ones to the mysteries of flower picking. Besides the fact that the activity itself will be very enjoyable for children, the flower picking will allow you to distract the attention of the little ones from the nature walk that has great chances to get tired and bored.

Set a theme with the little ones - a bouquet of white flowers, who picks the largest bouquet, etc. -, then get on the job! In the shortest time, the tired and bored little ones will become energy swarms, and you will have some beautiful bouquets of flowers to decorate your home with.

Fight with water balloons

Another fun summer activity in which you can involve the little ones is a beating with balloons filled with water, at an exit to the green grass or in the yard of the house. Because it can be unpleasant to try to fill a balloon with water, you can buy a special product, in the form of a pump, which will make your work easier.

Fill several colored balloons until they reach the size of a grapefruit, attach them to the ends and place them at the disposal of the small ones in generously sized containers (such as pails). Before starting the balloon beating with water, set with the children a few basic rules: to avoid blows in the face area, each to contribute to the breaking of the balloons, etc. In the end, you only have to arm yourself with balloons and start the fun!

Evening movies in the yard of the house

Until the nights become incredibly cool, you can organize a movie night for the little ones in the backyard. You will need a video projector, a projection screen, sleeping bag for each family member, chairs and loungers, a possible meal, plus juices and popcorn to enjoy during the movie.

To make the fun even more fun, you could invite a family friend, along with his children. Also, since the projection of movies outside the house can only be done after dark, be prepared to postpone the bedtime of the little ones. In fact, children have every chance to fall asleep during the movie.

Night at the tent

Few things and happenings give a child more special memories than a night spent outdoors. In this sense, you can take advantage of the courtyard of the house to build a tent where you can sleep with the little ones at least one night. This way, you will get used to the idea of ​​staying outdoors, preventing any unforeseen events (the little ones might be scared of the night-specific outdoor sounds and might want to come home).

The event also offers you the opportunity to teach children what it means to spend a night outdoors, to show them the things they need when they go on a camping trip (sleeping bag, insect protection, clothes suitable for cold fish. at night, etc.) and to explain, at the same time, what they should avoid to do (not to leave food outside the tent, if they stay on the mountain, for example, in order not to invite bears to the feast).

The blackberries

In Gustar's month you will be able to involve the little ones in an action of picking mulberries. Choose a day with moderate temperatures, so that the little ones will feel comfortable even if they spend several hours outdoors, opt for containers of different sizes for picking and do not forget the destination: on the edge of the forests you have a great chance to find a wealth of bushes of walls.

The picking of berries should last as long as the little ones remain interested in the activity. Turn the picking into a play or a contest, which will motivate the children and avoid the early installation of boredom. After a few hours, with the baskets stained with blackberries, you will return home, where you will be able to decide together which berries to prepare from berries. Depending on the quantity harvested, you could try jams, sweets, fruit pies and even ice cream.

Homemade ice cream

And because I was talking about ice cream, preparing it at home is another opportunity to involve the little ones in a fun and at the same time educational activity. All you have to do is buy specific shapes for ice cream on the stick, some wooden or plastic chops and the ingredients needed to prepare the delicious dessert.

The simplest option is to freeze the natural fruit juice and serve it as ice cream on a stick. The desert is cool and not dangerous for little ones. Allow the children to help you prepare your home-made ice cream and choose your favorite flavors!

Lifting a kite

A summer activity that never goes out of style and will delight the little ones is lifting a kite. Buy a kite already assembled from a toy store, then go out with the little ones in an area large enough to allow you to fly after your heart's desire, along with the floating kite.

It would also be ideal to choose a day with moderate wind, so that you and your little ones do not encounter any problems when lifting the kite. If possible, the perfect variety is a beach. Last but not least, do not hesitate to take with you a camera or video (or maybe just a powerful phone) to immortalize the special moments with the children!


A handy activity as long as summer is the organization of a picnic. The outdoor table can be organized either near the house or in a place such as an isolated beach, so that the little ones can enjoy sand and water. Regardless of the area you opt for, the picnic basket should not miss a blanket or sheet, mouth-watering (including sweets for the little ones) and tasty drinks. Kids will love to spend a day outdoors, especially if you also provide games (such as frisbees).

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