Dental anesthesia during pregnancy

Dental anesthesia during pregnancy

How safe is anesthesia during pregnancy? Are pregnant women safe if exposed to local anesthesia for a dental intervention?

This procedure is performed before an intervention in the teeth to reduce pain, or to sedate a nervous or anxious patient. The most common form is local anesthesia, which means that it relieves pain in the mouth or only in part, during the dental operation, but does not imply that the patient becomes unconscious.

In some situations, patients undergo general anesthesia, in which the drugs administered cause a temporary loss of consciousness. General anesthesia may be recommended in certain procedures, such as extraction of the molars of the mind.

"Dental treatments, which also involve local anesthesia regarding the expectant ladies / ladies, do not affect the pregnancy. There is no evidence of the harmful effects that could interfere with this and most importantly, oral hygiene should be taken into consideration during these months. It is important that the first trimester of pregnancy avoid major dental interventions. However, treatments for gum infections must be performed at any time, "says Dr. Reza Sadighian, dentist at Sadighian Dental Clinic. .

A series of studies were carried out that aimed to determine the risk factor regarding the anesthesia of the future mothers, the results being satisfactory regarding them, which means that there are certain situations in which it is preferable to act in postnatal period.

Lidocaine is the most commonly used drug during pregnancy. This is a category B drug that may come into contact with the placenta after administration. In cases where oral cavity interventions are absolutely necessary, the amount of anesthetic recommended to be administered is in small quantities, but which will restore a patient's comfort state at the same time. It is important that it is not stressed, so as not to transmit the same condition to the baby. Also, the greater the relaxation, the greater the chances that anesthesia will work.

Dental interventions often involve the administration of antibiotics for the treatment of infections. Antibiotics as well penicillin and amoxicillin it also falls under category B for safety during pregnancy, which means they are safe to be prescribed after the procedure.

In a research study conducted in 2015, a comparison was made between a group of women exposed to dental treatments with anesthetics and a control group who did not receive any treatment. The results showed that exposure to dental care and local anesthesia are not associated with the increased risk of medical problems for future children. Diseases such as cerebral palsy, heart disease or rabbit are excluded from the discussion. This study also analyzed the rate of spontaneous abortions, premature births and birth problems, and in none of the existing cases was the local dental and anesthesia performed.

According to this study and others, many pregnant women do not ask for help with denaturing treatments, even if they are aware of the problems they have. Oral health of a mother throughout pregnancy is essential. Mothers are exposed to an increased risk of tooth decomposition due to carbohydrate intake and difficulty in brushing their teeth due to morning sickness, choking sensation and bleeding gums.

"It is a decisive period in a woman's life, and maintaining oral health is closely linked to a good overall health. Dentists should encourage pregnant women to maintain their oral health through a dental routine and seek immediate treatment when they encounter it. any problem, "says specialist Reza Sadighian.

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