Children get up for free in a balloon with a platform

Children get up for free in a balloon with a platform

Children with an adventurous spirit can rise in a balloon at Sun Plaza. The most beautiful stories are full of adventure, so Sun Plaza rewrites for the young and brave the modern version of the Five Weeks in the balloon. Thus, all children up to 25 kg and at least as much adventure spirit can get up in the balloon in Sun Plaza until October 16.

How do you see the world from above? What's actually going on up there? How do the birds manage to cross large distances? Why are airplanes flying? These are just some of the questions that little ones ask themselves when they become fascinated by flying.

Even if when I read (or read my grandparents) the stories of Jules Verne, "Five weeks in the balloon" or "From the ground to the moon", the little ones can imagine what it would be like if they were flying, nothing compares to the actual experience. .

For this reason, Sun Plaza invites parents and grandparents to bring their passionate flying children to the balloon with their platform. They will be able to admire the world from above, using the oldest flying technology invented by humans.

The brave and small ones can board the balloon one by one. Their weight should not exceed 25 kilograms. The balloon, located in one of the Sun Plaza atrias, remains permanently anchored to the ground, so that the safety of the little ones is guaranteed throughout the flight. The balloon runs daily until October 16th.

The boarding is free of charge, so that all the children who want and brave to fully enjoy this experience, offered for the first time by Sun Plaza.