The cerum secretion of the outer ear

The cerum secretion of the outer ear


- I have a boy of 1 year and 7 months. For some time we have problems with the left ear. About twice a month a plug appears in his ear, quite as strong as his consistency. I went to the doctor and he told us that it was normal to run his ear and he gave us a bottle of drops with cortisone. It was good, but after I didn't use it it made a stop. Our question is: why is this plug made and what can we do to stop it?


The external auditory conduit has a normal waxy secretion of the waxy glands, a secretion that may be lower or more constitutionally accentuated.
If, with this secretion, there are no pathological elements: purulent secretion, blood, or other types of abnormal secretions, then your child will not need local treatment, but more careful hygiene.
You will need to wash the external ear canal with warm water (a solution of shampoo and jet of water can be applied) and a soft towel for cleaning. Ear muffs that can push these wax plugs are not recommended.
The local anti-inflammatory treatment has the property to stop the secretion temporarily, and then it resumes. This is not the purpose of stopping a normal secretion, if you make sure that there is nothing pathological there, through a consultation O.R.L. Specialized.
Discontinue treatment and follow our advice. We will follow the results together. Therefore, if the child hears well, does not accuse pain, does not fever, then you do not have to worry. Only wash it locally as I have recommended.
Good health,
Dr. Dana Paduraru,
Resident doctor in the Pediatric Surgery specialty
Emergency Clinic Hospital for Children "Grigore Alexandrescu"
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