Teeth development and appearance

Teeth development and appearance


- My little girl is 9 months old and only now her teeth appear, just not the ones in the front, but a corner from a table appeared. Is that possible? Can she get diarrhea because of this? We went to the pediatrician prescribed treatment, but he said it was probably because of the teeth, and the fecal analysis was good.


The development and appearance of the teeth differs from child to child in general but to a child of 6 to 12 months, 8 incisors grow both central and lateral; between 12-18 months they grow 4 molars; between 18-24 months, 4 canines grow; between 24-30 months the other 4 molars grow.

Children cry, temperature, redness and trembling, diarrhea and are increasingly irritated. This is because they grow their teeth, but how we do things works better and doesn't hurt them so much.

The trivial paracetamol also comes to help control fever. All kinds of menthol balms for gum massage appeared on the market.

For a quick effect keep your conditioner for a few minutes in the refrigerator (not in the freezer), the cold conditioner will have a faster effect due to the cooling sensation.

But pay attention to the bottles and the sucking of the finger!

The fingertip can deform the front teeth but also the jaw. Teach your baby to pull the bottle from the tip of the nipple, not from the base of the nipple and teach it as soon as possible to drop the bottle.

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