Secondary sterility

Secondary sterility


- I have a boy of 4 years, his birth was a normal one without problems, and for 4 years I do not remain pregnant, what can be the cause?


The fact that you have a child and now you can no longer get pregnant defines the diagnosis of secondary infertility or infertility.

The diagnosis of secondary sterility means that this sterility is secondary to a present or past illness; therefore, the treatment must be addressed first of all to this cause, but for this it must first be determined this cause that determined sterility; or more explicitly, this change in the fertile status occurred during the life, the fertile status had to suffer due to a particular cause.
This can be accomplished by performing a complete clinical examination and performing a complete history that will include your family history and health status.

Also during this first consultation will be able to perform tests such as: vaginal secretion blade, Pap test, urine summary (genital infections can cause sterility through various mechanisms).

In order to analyze the structural integrity of the components involved in the reproduction process, the following tests will be carried out: ultrasound, hysterosalpingography offers radiographic images regarding the uterine cavity and the degree of permeability of the uterine tubes, when minor or partial decomposition of the fallopian tube can be performed; hysteroscopy and laparoscopy, the latter being able to have an interventional role and not only a diagnosis.
The analysis of the functionality of the reproductive system will be done as a result of tests such as: dosing of gonadal (sexual) hormones, inflammatory tests. Once a cause of the couple's infertility has been established, a decision can be made regarding the therapeutic conduct.
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