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Things needed for baby's sleep

Things needed for baby's sleep

The first thing you think about for your baby when you are pregnant is the bedroom: how will he look, what should you not forget, what can be bought later?
Wooden bed, iron or cradle, wrapping table, trash bin, shelf for toys, lamps, chair for you when you feed it. These are the basic things when it comes to furniture.

But for your baby it is necessary to think also of bed linen (sheets, beds, pillow in the future, waterproof mattress material), toys and surveillance equipment.

What not to forget when it comes to baby's sleep
The pajamas, socks and cotton caps that are part of the baby's kit also fall into the sleep category.

In the rest, for sleep you would need:
• firm, anti-allergic mattress (coconut fiber, seagrass);
• 2 pieces of waterproof material (musama) for covering the mattress, 50cm x 70 cm;
• 2 sets of sheets adapted to the size of the bed, otherwise the child is lost in them;
• very flat pillow (not necessary at first);
• duvet, sleeping bag, cot, 80cm x 80cm;
• toy that sings and plush toys (does not put too many toys in bed);
• baby-phone, for constant surveillance;
• hot water bottle, if you want to use something like this.
Avoid for the first time sleeping with your baby in bed, it is better to sleep alone and watch him than to expose him to the risk of choking on your sheets that may be too soft or may cause allergies.
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