General rules of good behavior in public

General rules of good behavior in public

The mirror of the education that the parents of the children offer is the behavior of the children in public. Although you make significant efforts in this regard, sometimes children take on some of the most inappropriate things in public from inappropriate sources: other children, TV, etc. You have to fight against them with great patience and tact in order to instill the common sense and kindness of the little one in such situations.

General rules of good manners in public

  • It is nice and polite to offer the seat to an adult, especially an older person, a disabled person or a pregnant woman when going by public transport.
  • To sit with the soles raised on chairs in restaurants or in public is an unkind and disgusting habit.
  • It is not eaten in the means of public transport. It is also unhygienic and annoying for other passengers who may feel the unpleasant smell of food and who should not be forced to endure this.
  • Garbage can only be disposed of in specially designed waste bins, never on foot.
  • Headphone music is never listened to when you're in the public, because you can disturb the world around you.
  • When you are in public, the tone of the voice should be moderate, never yell or raise the tone: it is rude and disturbing.
  • The walls of buildings and other public institutions are not mocked.
  • It's not nice to stop talking in the middle of the sidewalk, because it blocks free movement
  • Teach him to open the door for others (especially for girls, if he is a boy).
  • When entering a lift it is polite to wait for the world to come out first and then enter it. This applies with other rooms.

How does the child learn good manners in public?

Always discuss at home with your little one about what is appropriate behavior in public. Especially before you go somewhere, talk to them about how to do it when you enter a room, when you know the new world, etc. to be prepared.

If you notice that your little one is becoming uninspired, grab it by the handle and gently squeeze it. Pull it aside and remind them what you discussed at home about such behaviors.

A child needs 4 elements to succeed in putting into practice what you are learning:

  • instruction (talk about these rules);
  • the demonstration (show them, be a model for him);
  • experience (let them experiment and bear the consequences of their actions);
  • evaluation (evaluation of the final situation).

Always repeat the rules of behavior in public! Children learn by repetition. You have to be very patient with them and be willing to say the same thing several times.

Learn to compliment and reward the good manners of children! Try not to reward the good behavior of the child so that it does not depend on something. But, every now and then a good talk and good words do not spoil. Children appreciate these things and help them to root for such behavior.

Another useful way children can learn good manners is to play role-playing games with him. Create different scenarios and take the role of a citizen entering a building, elevator, etc. This way the lesson will not turn into a theory and can be a fun medium.

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