Smart child teased by other children. How do you react?

Smart child teased by other children. How do you react?

Children are sometimes mischievous with other children. Especially with the gifted ones, whom they stigmatize and nickname in the same way and face. In school, the term nonsense used to tease or ironize superintendent children appears. But the little ridicule starts right from kindergarten. This can create many frustrations and problems of social adaptation of the child. What are you doing?

Why are children gifted by other children ironic?

Gifted children are often teased and ridiculed in communities. The explanation is that they are quite different from other children and more than that, they have a different perception of themselves even from their own age, from an early age.

They have other interests than other children their age and they manage to better concentrate and always have useful and fast solutions and methods to solve various problems. These unique abilities of your child are not on the same wavelength as those of most of his colleagues or other children his age.

On the other hand, the gifted child is extremely sensitive. It may seem more mature than other children of the same age, but it lacks the ability to adapt and survive in trying to cope with life's difficulties.

He empathizes with his suffering

Give your child support and understanding! Try to show them that you are with him and that you understand what he is going through. It is important to tell her how bad your feelings are. Try to tell her this way: "it must have been very hard for you and you felt awful at the teasing of the children. I'm sorry you went through this." This helps children to feel and understand that they have all of your understanding or support.

Ask him questions about what happened

Try to help him download and ask him questions about the situation he went through. You can tell him that you would like to understand what happened there. Show him he can trust you. Find out who said what, when and where. The more you know about the event in question, the more you will be able to find a better solution to the situation.

Explain why children tease, to understand that he is not guilty of something

It is important for your little one to understand that there is nothing wrong with him and that he has not done anything to trigger the irony toward him. Therefore, it is important to explain to them that teasing from other children has many reasons and does not necessarily mean that they are not liked by them.

You can help him understand that ironizing can be a way for children to look like they are envious, of a feeling of inferiority, of ignorance (they don't realize it's something bad or wrong) or it is simply a way of saying "I like you".

Find solutions to react in such situations with him

Do a little brainstorming together. It is all that a gifted child needs to get into his element. This method works in children over 5 years. Try to imagine together that he will be put in such a situation and challenge him to find solutions on how to solve it.

Make together a list of the most reasonable ways to react to the future irony of children. If the child knows that he has options and methods of counteracting the little wickedness of the children, he will realize that he does not have to let himself be attacked in this way and accept the irony, but that he must and must defend himself.

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