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Cord Blood Center - 5 years in Romania

Cord Blood Center - 5 years in Romania

Come and celebrate the Cord Blood Center Day together and invite a friend who is about to bring a child to the world!

On Saturday, April 16, at the Baby Boom Show, Romaero Baneasa (April 14-17), participates in Baby Cord Blood Center Tomb. The Tombola will designate, at each hour, how much a winner of a surprise gift.

Participates in the contracts signed during the fair.

Come along with your baby to attend drawing contests for children.

The tomb of responsible mothers

Cord Blood Center offers 3 free placental blood collections to all clients who sign contracts during the fair! The extraction of the winning tickets at the Tombola of the responsible mothers will take place on Sunday, April 17 at 17.00.

Here's the good news: Cord Blood Center Day is leaving with 3 free harvests!

April 16 at the Baby Boom Show!