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Let the child enjoy childhood!

Let the child enjoy childhood!

The toddler of today is overloaded with topics, learns to discuss topics such as recession, death, war, earthquakes from a very early age and learns about 2-3 foreign languages ​​at once. Parents want to turn it into a classic Einstein or a Bill Gates of today. Don't forget to let your child be a child and enjoy the unique moments of childhood!

Modern children are overworked!

If we scan today a program of activities of a child of 2-4 anisors, we will see that the list generously fills a lot of things that have nothing to do with the activities you did when you were a child. Instead of the julitaries, the cataract in the trees or the sardine we find:

  • computer courses;

  • performance sport;

  • English classes;

  • acting classes;

  • dances;

  • mathematical circles;

  • circles of development of imagination and creativity;

  • games for developing intelligence, etc.

Young children are overburdened by their parents' desire to become intelligent, prosperous and successful adults. But children no longer enjoy those banal, intuitive activities of the idea of ​​being a child.

What do parents not know about their children?

You do not have to enroll your child in such expensive or extremely demanding courses or classes for him. Your little one learns from every move he makes. Children learn through play and play, through active and continuous exploration of the things around them, which feed their imagination and not necessarily through the workshops and courses that you impose.

Your little one has a lot to learn from simple exploration by breaking, touching, throwing or destroying a cardboard box for example. It doesn't seem so, does it? But experts say that this box has a certain meaning. They maintain that the complicated modern toys that give the little boy everything at hand to handle it prevent the development and "chase" of the little ones in the thirst for knowledge.

When you see that your baby is constantly throwing toys on the floor or simply throwing them out of the crib, you tend to get upset and see this behavior as inappropriate behavior. But did you know that by doing this, your child is learning what gravity is?

Give your child space and time for play and unstructured, unorganized and unplanned activities to help him discover things and think for himself. Simple, intuitive play or with other children contributes fully to its development.

How can you help the child to enjoy his childhood?

Encourage random and spontaneous play of the child!

If he wants to run without fear, let him! If you scream until you are deaf while listening to music, leave it! Allow them to do small child-specific nonsense without arguing or punishing for it. Allow the child to experience knee jerking, dropping directly on the tummy while running aimlessly, as they are part of the "quilting" process we all went through. Don't be overprotective with him!

Limit the number of courses and workshops to a maximum of 2 per season!

Do not attempt to exhaust all of your child's learning areas in a single semester or year. Limit yourself to 2 such educational activities for your little one and leave them rest time for relaxation and fun. Let him live the joys of childhood actively!

Get involved in activities that involve contact with other people!

It encourages spending more time with other children and other people, than spending time alone with toys or the TV or computer. Teach him the games of your childhood and encourage him to enjoy them with other children: the sotron; elastic; Leapsa; leaf; mime; castle; Flowers, girls and boys etc.

Let the routine go from time to time!

It is good and useful for a child to have a well-planned program every day. If you have the opportunity to get out of the rut and you are offered various unplanned, but interesting and fun activities, by friends or other moms (walking in the park, the pool, the forest, the museum, etc.), do not stop thinking. These can be extremely useful in the development of the child and he will also enjoy and have great fun.

Introduce the computer and the TV in your child's life!

If you do not want to become dependent on them, you must strictly follow the rules of the specialists regarding the time of use of these devices in his life. Also, avoid encouraging him too much to spend time in front of them by buying a lot of games, DVDs with drawings, etc. It is more important for him to get in touch with other children and discover the enjoyable childhood games and enjoy them.

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