Bags for the autumn-winter 2011/2012 season

Bags for the autumn-winter 2011/2012 season

With floral prints, in nude shades or with animal print, Moschino set the tone of the purses that will be worn in the autumn-winter 2011-2012 season.

Small bags

Even though it looks like a wallet with a strap, Moschino considers the very small bags to be extremely sexy. And so it is, but it is quite difficult to wear, being generally assorted to the gala outfits, very elegant.
Bags with animal print
Although animal-print accessories have been in the trend for a long time, they continue to be in the preferences of fashion critics as well as fashionistas around the world.

People in nude colors

Nude shades they are generally suitable for the cold season, and the bags in these shades of color will be quite easy to match for the jackets and trench coats that will be worn in the next period. Also, the shoes (both shoes and boots or boots) will be worn in these colors, which means that the matching effort will be considerably reduced.
Bags with floral prints
Floral prints they are, of course, associated with spring or summer, but in the right colors, they will represent a blot of color this fall. However, it addresses dark colors, such as cherry, black-white, dark purple, brown or dark blue.

Bags with toe print

Are you passionate about the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty? Moschino proposes to you the images of famous tourist pits even on your favorite bag. These bags are more casual and can be worn even in everyday life.
Author: Corina Petrea

Photo: www.dailymail.co.uk

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