What dads can do for moms

What dads can do for moms

A woman's life can often become overwhelming, between work tasks, household chores and the care that family members carry. Under these conditions, the intervention of the life partner becomes absolutely necessary in order to maintain a marital balance. Here's what dads can do for moms when things seem out of control or they just want a happy wife.

Take initiative with children

When your baby has an immediate problem or need, get involved as soon as you notice this. For example, offer to watch over your child when you go to eat at the restaurant. If your wife suggests to you how to proceed in a particular problem, consider what you find useful and continue to take care of the little one, without asking for help.

Take care regularly of a household task

Choose a household task, such as garbage showering or weekly window cleaning, and do it regularly, without paying much attention to it.


Organizes outings in the city

Make a pleasant surprise and organize trips to the city with your wife, personally taking care of hiring the baby, announcing the children that you will miss and the reservations at the restaurant or the movie.

Get involved in family life

Show your partner that you care and get involved in family life, by showing interest, understanding, support and empathy. In other words, it gives up the attitude of withdrawal in the face of unpleasantness, the detached analyzes and the eternal disagreement. Try to imagine what it would be like to transfer all her tasks to your shoulders.
When you feel disturbed by the negative feelings of your wife, look for their source, do not ignore them hoping that they will resolve by themselves.

Give her one free weekly night

Demonstrate to them that you think about her needs and give her a free evening each week, so that she doesn't have to worry about children, dinner and housekeeping. Even if he is not adept at going out with his friends, a quiet hot bath will charge his batteries. Whatever you choose, you have to take your domestic commitment for the sake of relaxation. After all, you have all your other evenings, right?

Take the first step!

A relationship is similar to a tennis match, in which the woman usually starts each game. Reverse the roles and take the first step, asking her how her day was or inviting her to an open discussion about you.

Take care of her reputation

Never forget to put her in a good light in front of friends and family, especially when she is not in front of her. This is one of the golden secrets of long lasting and harmonious couples.

Confess him a personal weakness

The sincere opening towards your wife will confirm that he did not go wrong when he said "yes" in front of the altar. Confess her a personal weakness when she seems depressed and show her that you understand her perfectly when things get difficult. Your intimate bond will be significantly strengthened.

Give her tenderness even when she is not going to make love

Do not show your affection only when you are about to make love. Hugs, handles, relaxing massage and beautiful words are perceived infinitely better by your wife when they do not seem like just an invitation to sex. Tell her you love her every day!

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